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Wendell grew up a creative and athletic child in the western Philadelphia suburb of Lower Merion. He received his BA in International Studies from Morehouse College, and JD from University of Pennsylvania Law School. After being a law clerk in Philadelphia Civil Court and Family Court, he took a leap of faith and turned his passion of building furniture into a career. Within years, he knew he made the right decision as other doors began opening. In 2018 one of his goals came true when he was cast on the CBS show Survivor: Ghost Island, and he won the show. Winning Survivor proved to Wendell that anything is attainable, and that has been his stance on life ever since. He now dreams of taking Beve to new heights.

For bookings and media please visit WWW.WENDELLHOLLAND.COM


Joe was born and raised in the western Philadelphia suburb of Bryn Mawr. He grew up in the Haverford School District, and attended Temple University on a music performance scholarship. As an avid drummer, Joe has showcased his skill across the globe, and still performs to this day. As someone who has been building for Beve from the beginning, Joe is the heartbeat of the operation, and keeps things running smoothly.


Chris was born and raised in Ardmore, PA. A graduate of St. Joes University, Chris is passionate about real estate investing and making people laugh. He brings a sense of humor to Beve, and helps with every aspect from brainstorming ideas, to building, to installation.


Philadelphia native and byproduct of Atlanta, Nas Graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Business Administration. He believes in finding joy in the journey, and surrounds himself with people who push him to be his best self. Nas draws from his life and work experience to connect brands to their target audiences for the perfect marketing experience. With over 15 years in event and brand consultancy space, Nas has experience in marketing, management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Nas creates synergy among meaning, perception, consumption, and brand loyalty. As a close friend of Wendell’s since undergrad, Nas is the person who suggested to name the brand after Wendell’s childhood nickname, Beve.


Brice was born and raised in Philadelphia. A graduate of Temple University, Brice loves exploring the world, creating new adventures, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Brice was on the CBS hit TV show Survivor Season 28: Cagayan, where he was dubbed, “The Purple Pants Badass.” He is the host of the iTunes charting Purple Pants Podcast. He provides strong marketing and social media guidance, and is an invaluable asset to Team Beve as he gladly takes on any role.